Monta Street Co-Canvas

Co-Canvas celebrates the co-creation of art. Combining the movement of body and the flow of mind on 32 canvas panels. A mental and physical fusion. 

We are honoured to share our collaboration with Edgar Davids and The London Police on the world’s first international Co-Canvas exhibition. Combining two disciplines of art on to a patented canvas freestyle soccer ball. The limited edition Monta Street x Edgar Davids x the London Police Co - canvass ball will launch in the 5and33 gallery at the art’otel amsterdam on the 22nd of November and via in Amsterdam and Tokyo. 

As a teenager in the 90’s, Edgar Davids fell in love with art, street soccer and Feudal Japan. Before becoming a global football ICON, he was always already considered a Street Soccer Legend. Creating unique tricks that are still used to this very day. During this period he was also a member of the Amsterdam graffiti scene. Exploring his young creative mind that set the base for becoming an art collector. David’s longstanding affinity with art remained a never-ending source of inspiration throughout his 20 plus year career. Eventually leading him to become a photographer and the initiator and creative director of the original street soccer brand, Monta.

The London Police, a group of artist that explored the depths of their friendship and translated this into their artwork, are a real phenomena in the world of street art with never-before-seen artworks and iconic details. ‘Working on this project has reminded us what an amazing journey we had as friends and artists.The collaboration with Edgar Davids and Monta Street is an amazing match; we are two parallel universes that have found each other through art’,- The London Police -

The launch of the Co - canvass ball as an exhibition will be showcasing different parallel perceptions of artistic lifestyles that have sequenced together. The collaboration will also contribute to charity organization Parc Des Reves, an initiative that supports youngsters all over the globe through building playgrounds and social projects. Providing the foundation and values for a better life.

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