About Us

MONTA is a true offspring of the streets as it represents the fashion and culture of the street. It addresses the world's most popular lifestyle: street soccer.

The past decade has seen a steady gain in street soccer's popularity and community. If you've ever wondered why this lifestyle is so popular, the answer is quite simple actually. Street soccer is personal expression. It's about showing no fear and demanding respect by battling your opponent with skill, technique and intelligence. It's raw, it's confrontational, and it's about the ability to be yourself and hold your own against any competitor, in any environment, on any street in the world. Street soccer is you. 

But street soccer transcends the term 'sport'. It is more. Street soccer is a lifestyle. It includes the electricity of the game, the pulsating and dynamic fashion elements of the street, and the respect of self and those around you. 

In 1999, a couple of passionate street soccer players who lived and breathed the lifestyle conceived a plan to represent this amazing sport in a brand. That brand was christened 'MONTA’. And from that moment, street soccer finally found its soulmate and true platform for global reach. 

As MONTA is a true offspring of the street, representing the fashion & culture of the street, and addressing the true demands of the world's most popular sport played on the street, it was logical that a brand dealing exclusively in one a singular sport and lifestyle would distinguish itself from the rest. 

MONTA created a patented and dedicated range of street soccer balls and shoes. That soon followed with unique and functional apparel and accessories that catered to both the sport as well as the varied fashion demands the youth that played it. 

Because street soccer's time has come, MONTA's time is now. Get ready for original, innovative and exclusive products; global icons; and total dedication to, and focus on street soccer. 

It's not just a game; it's a way of life! And MONTA is street soccer from the cradle.